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If you were born a little ‘different’ and mocked all your life, would you still believe in yourself, and tap into your courage and skills to save your hometown from disaster?

That’s what Great Gray the elephant did in Beverly Davis’ first book in her children’s book series, Great Gray, Exceeding No Expectations. Subsequent books are Great Gray Meets New Friends, and Namaste, Great Gray, illustrated by Linda Cowen. Bev’s newest book Winging It! A Monarch Love Story is now available.

Gray was born with a lopsided ear and was bullied all of his life. But he didn’t let being different stop him from rising above it. After saving his village from disaster, he became a local hero never to be mocked again.

But you don’t need to save a town to be valued for what you are, noted Davis in her writings. Her books are inspirational stories that pertain to peoples as well as four-legged gray elephants.

Gray the elephant who becomes “great” overcame adversity, and put smiles on people’s faces. “You can too,” she notes.

“These are important messages for children to hear”, Davis says. She makes presentations throughout Wisconsin at elementary schools, libraries, anti-bullying events and often reads to children with disabilities at various learning centers.

“This message needs to be shared beyond Wisconsin,” she added. Davis is always looking for places to share this story. “I’ll travel!” she adds.

Winging It, A Monarch Love Story has been named a Distinguished Favorite in the NYC Big Book Award 2020.

A grandmother and granddaughter share a special bond as they watch a Monarch butterfly form and take flight.

Truly a “Monarch love story,” this precious tale reminds us that we can each do our part in keeping the Monarch population alive and well.

Illustrations by Elena Stowell

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See Rev Bev reading some of stories here on YouTube.

Winging it!

Winging It!: A Monarch Love Story

A grandmother and granddaughter share a special bond as they watch a Monarch butterfly form and take flight. Read more >>

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Namaste, Great Gray

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Midwest Book Review

Unreservedly recommended for family, daycare, preschool, elementary school, and community library collections, Winging It!: A Monarch Love Story is an entertaining and elegant picture book tale that reminds children that they (and their parents!) can each do their part in keeping the Monarch butterfly population alive and well in the face of climate change and habitat reduction.

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NYC Big Book Award

The awards program “foments a strong interest in these authors and publishing houses and we expect our winners and favorites to receive a heightened level of attention.” 

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