Bev experienced bullying as a child.

So, she knows, firsthand how bullying can affect you, long term.
Because of this, and because she is determined to do everything she can to end bullying she is available to speak to a variety of groups.


  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Libraries
  • Scouts
  • Families/grandparents
  • Seniors

Bullying is serious, and not to be taken lightly. Therefore, Bev will speak to small and large groups. Her books can touch many age groups. She has several ways to share the stories of Great Gray.

Preschool through 2nd grade – Interactive play, movement, as well as reading the book.

Elementary – Focus on bullying experiences. “Have you ever been bullied?” “Have you ever bullied someone?” Discuss, how the book came to me in a dream. “Do you have dreams, you remember?”

Older groups – The backstory of Great Gray, Yoga.

All programs are interactive, and allow plenty of time for Q and A.

Contact Bev for more information.

Past Speaking Engagements