Winging It!
A Monarch Love Story

A grandmother and granddaughter share a special bond as they watch a Monarch butterfly form and take flight.

Truly a “Monarch love story,” this precious tale reminds us that we can each do our part in keeping the Monarch population alive and well.

Illustrations by Elena Stowell



The Great Gray series focuses on building self-esteem, overcoming obstacles, and finding the joy in who you are, exactly as you are.

GREAT GRAY: A Book about Exceeding “No Expectations”

There was much excitement in the Indian village of Anupur.

Elephants Saguna and Prabir were expecting a little one—a perfect calf. The parents dreamed often of their perfect baby and all the perfect things he would do.
But when the baby was born . . . he was a little less than perfect.

As the Indian elephant grows up, under the care and friendship of his keeper Santosh, he learns how perseverance and positivity can really make a difference—not just for himself, but for others too. Follow young Gray on his journey from “not quite right” to becoming Great Gray, a village hero.


In this heartwarming follow-up to the original Great Gray tale, village heroes Great Gray and his keeper Santosh come together again to help others in need.

There is much excitement when the maharaja calls on them for a special assignment. On their journey, they face another GREAT adventure, where they make new friends and overcome more obstacles. This time, their perseverance and positive thinking allow them to help unite a family and fulfill a young prince’s dream.


Great Gray and his friends are at it again, bringing hope and healing to their small Indian village.

It is time for Prince Kumar to return to the palace, after a long visit with his grandmother. Great Gray and his mahout, Santosh, lead the journey home, bringing some wonderful new characters with them. Great Gray is especially excited. He has a surprise for his family—a BIG little surprise.

But the homecoming takes a turn for the worse in the days that follow. This time, it’s Prince Kumar who needs a “lift.” When he was at his grandmother’s, he had learned the breathing and exercise techniques of yoga, which greatly helped his disability. He grew stronger and happier during that time, but the yoga master could not join him at the palace. Soon, the prince’s health begins to decline. His father becomes filled with sorrow and worry.

The palace needs a Royal Yoga Master, pronto!

Have you ever seen an elephant doing downward-facing dog?