Five Star Readers’ Favorite Review

Five Star Book Review
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Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite
Winging it!Grandma Eileen was expecting a surprise. She ran to the door when the doorbell rang and there was a mason jar with a gingham-covered lid on her porch. She looked inside and found a long wooden stick with a jade-colored jewel attached to it by a silk thread. There were two notes taped to the side of the jar. The surprise was sent by her friend Pat who found happiness in taking care of the world and all things that were part of it. Grandma Eileen knew her granddaughter Maya was going to love this – it was a butterfly in the making. Every time Maya visited her, they checked the green cocoon. On day 14 something happened in the mason jar. The green chrysalis hanging on the stick had a clear shell and it looked more like an inside-out butterfly. They missed the next transformation as they did not enter the kitchen for a long time. A stunning Monarch butterfly had emerged from the cocoon and was resting on the stick, allowing its wings to dry. Grandma explained to Maya how to find out if it was a male or a female butterfly. They named her Chesterina, took her to Edna Gardens, and let her out of the jar into her natural habitat.

Winging It: A Monarch Love Story by Bev Davis is a beautiful story that makes young readers think about the wonders nature offers and how precious nature is. The story shows readers how to preserve the Monarch butterfly and make the world a better place. Elena Stowell lends color and charm to the story with her wonderful illustrations that bring to life Chesterina, Grandma Eileen, Maya, Pat, and the entire process of a Monarch butterfly coming out of a cocoon and taking its flight. The story is a lovely way to make readers aware of their roles when it comes to saving the Monarch butterfly population. Winging It: A Monarch Love Story by Bev Davis is an excellent choice for library shelves, both school and public, and also at home as it is informative, educational, and makes readers aware of how precious and splendid nature is.