Bullying Prevention Conference 2018 Workshop Proposal

A Workshop to Help Parents and Staff Understand Bullying and it’s Long Term Affects
What do Elephants have to do With Self Esteem?

I will take this time to share my story and how bullying can follow you throughout your entire life.

Why it’s so important to take bullying seriously at home and school.

What a bullied person needs.

A visit to Poe School (My alma mater) will take place before the workshop. With permission from school staff, I wish to take a trip down memory lane. (Not all good memories).

I will share how important it is to listen to the one being bullied. Try to redirect.

Who bullies, and why?
Following up with one of my bullies.

What it is like to be hurt with words.
(They actually hurt longer than sticks and stones) I can still hear the taunting. See the spots on the playground where I was bullied, etc.

I will be also express and share how important a playground instructor was to begin to build my self-esteem and connect my experiences to the story of Great Gray. How it came to be and my hopes for future workshops.

There will be room for short discussions between each topic and at the end of the workshop.
Book sales and signing
45-60 minute workshop