Confronting the Lasting Effects of Bullying

Carol Koby Show

Guest: Beverly Davis, Community Chaplain, Attic Angel Place and Author, Great Gray Series

“The effects of bullying can stay with you all your life,” says Beverly Davis. Beverly speaks from personal experience. She was bullied throughout her childhood and is still impacted by the pain. “The acts of marginalizing people don’t just affect the person being hurt, they affect everyone in his or her life,” she added.

As a result of a dream she had about the power of believing in yourself and the need to express this, Beverly Davis authored the Great Gray series of children’s books for all ages.

On this program, Beverly Davis tells the story of Gray, an elephant who looked different and how the elephants in India stopped bullying Gray when he save their village. The book honors the differences in all of us and guides us to rise above bullying to experience our own sense of greatness.

Listen to the full interview here.